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Lions Tails

Every Lion has a tail, some just wag them with pride for a job well done, others have tales to tell.
This page is devoted to the latter, I hope to keep it updated with tales from Bodmin's Pride.

We have had a big problem with this page, all the tails so far have started: remember when we, this is a good one or now where to start.
So far they have all ended No, No, No we can't publish that, we are still waiting for the first tail.

Tail number one is in!

My tail of lions
I was in my mid twenties, just finished motor racing due to financial cramp brought on by getting married & taking on a mortgage, what now?

I'd noticed the Lions; they were the guys who organized the Carnival, the pram race, & a whole host of events around town. They all seemed to enjoy what they did. Who were they? Where did they come from? How could you join them? All these questions had to remain unanswered as I got on with life, working & paying the mortgage. I made carnival floats, competed in the pram race, so in my way was a supporter of Lions but never found out how to join. The next big change happened when I joined a social club in town & recognised a few as being Lions. I asked questions & found out you needed to by invited so thought that's the end of that.

This was about twelve or thirteen years on from the start of my story, I had family, my job had moved on, I had another very successful go at local motor racing, (it's me in the blue special below) It was basically the same car I'd built with my mate Mike the first time around but had now been upgraded by me & my brother, it has a 3500cc Rover V8 engine in the back.

Sorry it's Lions tails, not motor sport tales.

Around Christmas time that year I was asked if I would like to help backstage with the Lions Pantomime in the now demolished Foster Hall, I had fun & met many Lions. Maybe I should have pushed myself forward for membership but I didn't I just waited to be invited.
I helped with the Pantomime for many years until finally Lion Dave asked me to join.
I've now enjoyed being a Lion for twenty years & I'm serving my second term as Lions President.

The sting in this tail.

We are still the guys who organize events around the town we are still 18 years old in our heads, we still like a pint or two, we still enjoy what we do, we still enjoy helping others, Don't be like me & just wait to be invited. Have a look at Lions websites around the world, if you like what you see & would like to be a part of it, contact us you never know you may well be invited to join.

 I have an idea to regenerate Lions in Bodmin because in spite of our best efforts & all I've said, time has taken it's toll, many of us, our hair has turned grey or fallen out, WE NEED YOUNGER PEOPLE.

I would like to help form a new younger club in Bodmin, start again, younger people, new ideas probably a mixed club, (Bodmin Lions Club is men only). The new club would have the full backing of Bodmin Lions & Lions International. If you have ever fancied getting involved but didn't know were to start please contact us to see if we can get it started.